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Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Novels now at Whitcoulls.

Our novels are now on sale at Whitcoulls, New Zealand's largest bookstore. This is a sample of my first four books there,Check it Out

In relation with Kobo owned by the same company,  Whitcoulls  and Borders in Australia  are now also selling ebooks including some of my ones. There will be more on both sites soon.

All this is great news for Australians and New Zealanders who can buy books in our own dollars and also save on postage fees that are quite high from United States.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Transmigration is online as an ebook

Four humans find themselves in a small village of Betaham without knowledge of where they come from or who they are. It is a pleasant little town but disturbing memories of a brutal war and a different life flash spasmodically into their minds.

Their dreams seem so real but are quite unrelated to their present lives ... that is until they meet a strange farmer and a violent sandstorm arrives at Betaham. They find the farmer isn't even human. Furthermore, they may not even be human themselves.

A bombed out city is on the other side of the hills and can be reached though a railway tunnel. The trouble is that the city was destroyed a millennium before and is an archaeological site visited by the farmer's race who arrived from another planet.

Only then do the four learn the truth about themselves...

Ross Richdale Author of Transmigration
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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Arising Magic ebook available

Arising Magic


If magic arises unchecked to breed upon itself, it is unstoppable and the balance of good and evil will be compromised for ever.
Quotes from  "The Great Book of Everything That Will Be."

 In the days of old when knights ruled the land of Castle Rockshade, Kyla Kiro does not want to be forced into marrying the evil Sir Edwin O'Hane. She persuades Shane Wynex the man she really loves  to escape with her to the surrounding forest. She has friends there who can help, from Sliver a transman, half human and half tree to the forest dwarfs and talking birds.
Edwin uses his own magic to trace her. After his attempts initially fail he returns to select another bride, this time Jaythen Gardan. She suffers badly and cries out for help. The forest animals hear her call, she is rescued and teams up with Kyla and Shane.
The prophecies from  The Great Book of Everything That Will Be are about to be played out.
The magic of the land arises to a power never before seen. However, the  good, through a twist of fate, turns evil and a docile creeper turns into a voracious monster that consumes everything in its path. Without divine intervention it will smother the forest and the human lands beyond. Nobody can stop it.

Ross Richdale Author of Arising Magic
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