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Friday, November 25, 2011

Azure Sea Gold

It is April 1945 when U-boat U-2072 heads out of Hamburg for the last time. In its hold, the torpedoes have been replaced by gold and Nazi loot. The destination is Argentina. On board, ruthless Kapitanleutnant Falk Friedrich has brought his fiancée, Kristin Dassmer.

The U-boat is attacked by American torpedo bombers off the Bahamas and sunk. Kristin finds herself in a lifeboat with three others including Bern Munkelt, the man she is to spend the rest of her life with. They are rescued by Danardo Rolle and taken to Little Toe Cay, a remote island where Kristin's adventures begin.

"Azure Sea Gold" is an adventure, a love story and the story of greed, jealousy and ruthless people as well as a family story centered around three generations of women and their loved ones. 

Smashwords  $2.99

Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Cover - Same Delightful Story

American John Berg purchases a farm on Long Valley Road in rural New Zealand  and emigrates with the change affecting all his family. His daughters learn to fit into a new country, Fiona discovers she is not just a mother-in-law and the lonely widower falls in love with Kylena, a local schoolteacher.
Kylena's estranged husband arrives in the valley and attacks her. Also problems back in New York State affect John's family. He has to return to defend a lawsuit by his brother who contests his inheritance and right to purchase the farm in New Zealand. The outcome will affect them all. 
The inhabitants of Long Valley Road have their lives changed forever by the events happening around them. This fast paced novel combines human emotions of love, empathy, revenge and greed with the sheer force of Mother Nature. Is love strong enough to surmount the problems about to descend upon them all?