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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Hovercraft in The Truth About Terra.

Being used to a pre-industrial  world, Zorell and her companions are overwhelmed when they find a hovercraft in a secret cave. This hovercraft provides them with more than transport across the desert with hidden electronics coming to the fore. Also ib the story are intelligent bees who make a hive in the back of the hovercraft.

For a science fiction novel that is original and exciting, watch out for the ebook that will be out in early December. More details are below.

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Truth about Terra


After six months of writing, my latest novel is almost ready. Now comes the final proof reading and publishing as an ebook on Smashwords. This will lead onto Apple, Sony, Amazon, Diesel, Kobo & Barnes and Noble, hopefully all in time for  Christmas.

Terra is a divided world with its history classified. After receiving an ancient script, Zorell and her companions set out and find a secret base containing a hovercraft left by their ancestors. With help from intelligent bees they set out on adventures and problems. Not one, but two worlds are changed for ever by their discoveries and fortitude. But is it too late to save humanity?