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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

February 2013 Theme

When the Longships Came
In 865AD three Viking longships arrive at the female Bramingham Monastery on the isolated coast of the Kingdom of Northumbria. The building is looted with everything of value taken by the pagans, nuns are slaughtered or abducted into slavery. Maiden Kendra and postulant Jolene are the only survivors. Secrets are discovered including secret tunnels, a mine and evidence of clandestine trading with Vikings. However, the security of being in the monastery is better than the hostile world outside.
A flag message from a village up the coast warns them that a King's knight is coming but he is not to be trusted. With two hostile enemies, how can the pair survive?Smashwords
Broken Silence
In a deathbed confession an old man, Ivan Biermann, breaks a lifetime  of silence and tells his granddaughter,  Kim  Biermann  his story. He was a navy pilot aboard the German Raider Well-Reiter in May 1945. A secret cargo is unloaded and buried in a cave in remote Fiordland of  New Zealand.. After blowing up the Well-Reiter  Korvettenkapitan Schwarz the Nazi political officer aboard forces Ivan to fly him to the North Island in the boat's floatplane It crashes  But Ivan survives and meets Sally. They marry but keep silent about  his true identity.
Kim and her partner Troy  travel to Fiordland to search for the cargo. They arrive to find a North Korean submarine waiting. They also want the secret loot buried there for sixty years. Smashwords

Liberty and Opportunity
Liberty and Opportunity is a family saga that centres around four forthright women, spans five generations, three continents and two world wars throughout the twentieth century.
It starts in New Zealand when Nicole receives an ancient diary from her Canadian grandmother, Cindy. It begins in 1898 with Amanda's elopement with her beloved Jack and her struggle to survive away from her domineering father in Washington State. The two begin a new life in Vancouver, Canada where she develops a publishing empire. 
Daughter, Dorothy is a nurse serving in England who falls in love with a soldier charged with desertion from the trenches in the Western Front in World War 1. Will he be court-martialled and shot?
In World War 11, Cindy is a Land Girl in war torn England and tragedy strikes their family.
Each period in time is filled with drama, joy and sometimes tragedy, but illustrates the determination of each woman to enrich her life through love of families and a liberal outlook on life. Smashwords

Azure Sea Gold
It is April 1945 when U-boat U-2072 heads out of Hamburg for the last time. In its hold, the torpedoes have been replaced by gold and Nazi loot. The destination is Argentina. On board, ruthless Kapitanleutnant Falk Friedrich has brought his fiancée, Kristin Dassmer.The U-boat is attacked by American torpedo bombers off the Bahamas and sunk. Kristin finds herself in a lifeboat with three others including Bern Munkelt, the man she is to spend the rest of her life with. They are rescued by Danardo Rolle and taken to Little Toe Cay, a remote island where Kristin's adventures begin.
This is an adventure, a love story and the story of greed, jealousy and ruthless people as well as a family story of three generations of women and their loved ones. Smashwords