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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Alien Hybrid

Our science fiction novel Alien Hybrid is now available as an ebook.


When an assassination attempt and a stab in the heart fails to kill Kali, she finds  that she is far from ordinary. Her mother, Jade tells her of being abducted and impregnated by an advanced humanoid race called Pures. Kali not only has an alien father but discovers she has an identical twin sister, Lesha who arrives on Earth to help her escape the assassins.
These assassins are not human but androids, so advanced that they are about to supersede human life in the far off cosmos. Only Kali and Lesha's genetically enhanced telepathic powers can stop them.
They are transported in a quantum leap to a remote planet where they find they have already destroyed the local android population. They are trapped there and in their quest to get home to Earth they become more embroiled in the the battle against the androids. Furthermore, someone or something is using them as pawns to fight this war.
They encounter and befriend other humanoids and witness the start of a new life form. The androids are about to regenerate from being electronic to biological life and the humanoids on the planet are enslaved and cloned in experiments to achieve this aim.
But are the Pures from whom Kali and Lesha's hybrid genes come from, entirely innocent of their own wish to dominate the cosmos? With help from her mother, her sister and partner, Westley, Kali sets out to find the truth about herself and find a way home.

(See an excerpt below)

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